Polygen Consortium has obtained approval for building a project to generate synthetic natural gas (sng) in addition to electricity and heat in Poland by the EIT Review Committee (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) based in EQTEC GASIFIER TECHNOLOGY (EGT)

Polygen Project is a plant for the generation of synthetic natural gas (SNG), electricity and heat from alternative fuels such as waste sludge, solid urban waste (MSW) and biomass, which will contribute to the circular economy of the neighboring municipalities to the plant, converting the waste generated in energy that will be used for energy demands in the zone. The project will promote both environmental sustainability and the development of the local economy. 

The consortium is formed by seven European highly specialized companies who are leaders in their areas of business. The companies that make up the Consortium are: Rafako, Tauron, Exergon and IChPW (Poland), Atmostat and CEA (France) and EQTEC Iberia (Spain).

EQTEC, Company of the Ebioss Energy group, participates in the Polygen project by providing its exclusive and patented gasification technology (EGT EQTEC GASIFIER TECHNOLOGY), which is based on a bubbling fluidized bed gasifier that uses a wide range of residues (CDR and sludge) and biomass as fuel.

The Consortium has obtained approval for the building of a waste gasification plant in Poland by the EIT Review Committee (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) InnoEnergy, dependent on the European Union and will build the plant in Poland and its design, construction and commissioning will start this year.

The Polygen Consortium forecasts a potential market for this synthetic natural gas technology of (TAM) 3,240 million euros until 2027 and its main goal in the first phase is the commercialization of this technology in Europe. Later, it will be introduced worldwide.

With this new project, EQTEC Iberia expands its international presence and increases and diversifies its business, entering the market of synthetic fuels, with the application of syngas (gas synthesis) for the production of Synthetic natural gas (SNG), capable of being injected into the national gas network.


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