Customer information

  • Name: Movialsa
  • Location: Campo de Criptana - Ciudad Real (España)
  • Type of project: Integrated Biomass Gasification Power Plant (IBGPP)
  • Gasification technology: bubbling fluidized bed gasifier
  • Feedstocks: Olive pulp & olive pits 


Energy data

Biomass consumption plant 4000 kg/h
Nº. of Gasifier 4 unidades
Efficiency index 0,72 kg/kWe
Thermal power 6.6 MW
Saturated steam at 6 Bar. 5600 Kg/h
Hot water generation 159 m3/h
Total eléctrical power 6.0 MW
Nº. enegines generator 3 units
Manufactures /type engine Jenbacher / 620 
Electrical Efficiency 30,2%
Thermal Efficiency 33,6%

Biomass gasification plant built by EQTEC Iberia is based on a bubbling fluid bed gasification technology. Key aspects of this technology are its high electrical and thermal efficiency, low operation and maintenance costs and low pollutant emissions.

The generation plant comprises the following:

  • Gasification plant: four gasification lines that consume a total of 4,000 Kg/h.  Each line is composed of a 1000 Kg/h bubbling fluid bed gasifier with a 0.72 kg/KWh yield.
  • Gas fuel cleaning system: gas coolers, particle filter, ash disposal system, venturi scrubber.
  • Electricity generation plant:  3 generator sets with a total installed power capacity of 6 MWe. The generator sets installed are 3 Jenbacher 620 GS-SL with a maximum electric unit capacity of 1,974 KWe.
  • Heat recovery system from syn gas engines, generating 5600 Kg/h of saturated steam at 6 bar(g) and 159 m3/h of hot water at 90 ºC, return at 75 ºC.
  • Interconnection electric installations: 25 MVA, 132/6,3/0,4 KV.
  • Monitoring system: EQTEC MONITORING PLATFORM (EMP)