Syngas Italy

Customer information

  • Name: Syngas Italy
  • Location: Castiglione D'Orca - Italy
  • Type of project: Power generation plant
  • Gasification technology: bubbling fluidized bed gasifier
  • Feedstocks: Straw 


Energy data

Biomass Consumption 900 kg/h
Nº. of gasififer 1 line
Efficiency Index 0,9 kg/kWe
Electrical power 999 kW
Nº of Engine generator 1 unit
Manufacturer Engine Jenbacher / 612 
Electrical Efficiency 27,5%

Syngas Italy is an Integrated Biomass Gasification Power Plant (“IBGPP”), located in the Italian region of Tuscany.

The project is designed to produce clean electricity from biomass utilising EQTEC Gasification Technology and Jenbacher engine, with an electrical output capacity of 1.0 MWe.

The gasification plant consists of a bubbling fluidised bed reactor which improves the mixture of inert material and fuel for its high rate of heat transfer and to achieve high heating rates, among other advantages.

The areas comprising the cogeneration plant are as follows:

  • Waste reception and storage area (straw pellets)
  • Gasification area.
  • Synthesis Gas Purification Area.
  • Power generation area.
  • Area interconnecting power with the Grid.
  • Emission control area.

The IBGPP was designed using the EQTEC Kinetic Model (“EKM”) software to determine the construction specifications of all the components used in the gasification plant to obtain greater efficiency and to run continuously on automatic mode.