Productos de Olivar S.L

Customer information

  • Name: Productos de Olivar S.L
  • Sector: Agro-industrial
  • Location: Cúllar (Granada)
  • Type of project: Natural gas cogeneration plant
  • start-up: November 2011 


  • 1000 kWe Otto cycle natural gas generator set
  • Heat recovery hot water boiler
  • Medium and low-pressure electrical installations. 1.6 MVA, 20/0.4 KV transformer station.
  • EQTEC MONITORING PLATFORM (EMP) - monitoring and control system. 

EQTEC Iberia has performed work on the design, construction and start-up of the 1 MWe cogeneration plant installed in the Productos de Olivar, SA oil factory located in Cullar (Granada – Spain). The plant started its commercial operation in November 2011.

The cogeneration project was constructed with an EPC contract. The cogeneration plant, with a 1 MWe natural gas generator set, produces electricity that is fully exported to the power company's electrical grid. The heat energy produced is hot water and meets the requirements of the factory's evaporator concentrator. The cogeneration plant is operational straight through from Monday to Sunday, clocking up 8,100 operational hours per annum.

The cogeneration plant is composed of the following:

  • Power generation plant: 1 Jenbacher generator set with a total capacity of 1000 kWe.
  • Heat recovery system: heat recovery from the exhaust gases of the engines through a hot water boiler .
  • Interconnection electrical installations: 1.6 MVA 20/0.4 KV transformer.
  • Monitoring system: with EQTEC MONITORING PLATFORM (EMP).

EQTEC performs maintenance on the cogeneration plant and offers consultation to the client on the current regulations in relation to the power production special scheme.