Transportes de Barcelona S.A

Customer information

  • Name: Transportes de Barcelona
  • Sector: Service
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Type of project: Cogeneration module EPC installation
  • start-up: May 2010 


  • 249 kWe natural gas cogeneration module
  • Electrical production is exported to the company grid.
  • Production of hot water for DHW and heating
  • Production of cold water through an absorption cycle
  • EQTEC MONITORING PLATFORM (EMP) - monitoring and control system. 

EQTEC Iberia has performed work on the design, construction, legalization and start-up of a 249 kWe microcogeneration module installed in the Horta Bus Depot of the company Transports de Barcelona, S.A. at Carretera Antiga Horta-Cerdanyola FTE in Barcelona

The cogeneration plant installed is configured in a soundproofed compact module (65 dB(A) at one meter) based on natural gas generator set to produce electricity and hot water at 90 ° C which is intended to cover the requirements of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and one single-effect absorption cycle cooler.

The electricity generated by the plant will be fully EXPORTED to Compañía y Transports de Barcelona, S.A., who will receive revenue from the sale of electricity produced legislated in Royal Decree 661/2007, in force since 25 May 2007.

The production of hot water is fed to the installation's primary system supporting the current gas boilers, acting as the 1st stage involved in the heating of the heating circuit and the DHW.

During warmer months, the operation of the cooler through absorption involves the hot water produced by the module being fed to the cooler via an absorption cycle, producing cold water at 7 ° C which is intended for the air conditioning circuit.

The EQTEC EG249 cogeneration module installed has the following energy balance:

Cogeneration module

Electrical capacity

Heat capacity

Energy consumed


249 kW

321 kW

669 kWh

Yield (%)




The cogeneration module is protected with a set of alarms to safeguard the proper operation of the machine against any unexpected defects.

The control panel contains the EQTEC MONITORING PLATFORM (EMP) that allows the remote supervision and control of the generator set, entailing a considerable benefit in the performance of maintenance and ensuring the optimum operation of the module.