Endesa Energía - Aigües de Vic

Customer information

  • Name: Endesa Energía - Aigües de Vic
  • Sector: Service
  • Location: Gurb (Barcelona)
  • Type of project: 40 kWn photovoltaic solar energy plant on a South-facing fixed structure installed on a concrete water reservoir.
  • start-up: July 2007 


  • Solar plant consisting of 250 polycrystalline photovoltaic panels of 190 W per panel.
  • 40 KWn Inverter.
  •  40x40 anodized aluminium fixed structure with a 34 º tilt.
  • Direct and alternating current electrical installations. 

EQTEC Iberia has performed work on the design, construction, legalisation and start-up of the 40 KWn photovoltaic solar energy plant installed in the Miralter reservoir located at the water treatment plant of the company Aigües de Vic, SA, located at Carretera de Malars s/n, post code 08503 GURB (BARCELONA).

The photovoltaic plant will fully export all the energy generated to the public electricity grid (FECSA-ENDESA). The photovoltaic panels are deployed in a 40x40 aluminium structure with a 34 º South-facing tilt, occupying the total area of the reservoir.

The photovoltaic solar plant is composed of the following:

  • 250 Photovoltech photovoltaic solar panels composed of polycrystalline cells with peak power of 190W which generate a direct electrical current.
  • 40 x 40 anodized and extruded aluminium panel support structure with a 34 ° tilt against the fixed horizontal of the roof of the industrial warehouse.
  • Direct and alternating current electrical installations.
  • Direct and alternating current protection boxes.
  • A Fronius IG500 40 kW rated power inverter with a yield of 94.3% with a set of protectors for the plant that converts the direct current generated by the panels into an alternating current suitable for exporting to the grid.
  • Measurement system using a class 1 active energy (purchase-sale) and a class 2, 4-thread reactive energy (purchase-sale) TYPE 4 combined static meter.